LED Dance Floor


Are you ready to enjoy a one-of-a-kind dancing experience? Our LED Dance Floor will fulfill all your needs. Making it suitable for over 700 guests, we make sure you have a blast.

Feel free to display your images, patterns, logos, or even a customized message to your guests. Add some more elegance to your party by tapping into the starlit effect. The dance floor is completely safe and your guests will have an experience of a lifetime, we promise! A technician will always be available during the event to help you set it up perfectly.

Our unique LED Dance Floor comes in two background colors, white and black.  The floor is made up of tiles that fit together like a puzzle pieces, so it can be assembled in many different shapes, not just squares and rectangles so we can build the floor to cater to your needs. From T shapes to runways, and L shapes to pyramids, we have you covered. In addition the different shapes the lighting on the dance floor is configurable, not only can we make color patterns appear but we can also make custom shapes like hearts and even letters.  That being said, the floor can also tone down to a calm “starlit” mode, great for ceremonies and weddings.