DJ Dina has provided services for hundreds of events.  She has over 8 years of experience, she’s professional, and knows how to get the crowd moving.  Her extensive music library allows her to cater to any type of crowd.  Her music library includes: Top 40, Middle Eastern, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Indian And More!!

Want to add color and ambiance to your event? Uplighting is the way to go.  We offer a variety of different lighting packages to set the mood of your night.  We have high quality wireless uplighting that sets us apart from our competition.  You don’t have to worry about the unsightly wires anymore, because our wireless uplights are battery operated.  Our uplights have twice the power of the traditional uplights that other companies’ offer, and can last up to 8 hours.  You can set our lights to one color to match your decor, or have the lighting change to the sound of the beat.  You don’t have to worry about only choosing from a limited number of colors, because our uplights have hundreds of different colors to choose from.

Custom Monogram & Intelligent Lighting
We offer a custom monograms to personalize your special night.  You have a number of different options to choose from to create a beautiful monogram with your name or initials projecting anywhere you like.   Create entertaining visual effects for your event by using intelligent lights to project different lighting designs thought out your event.  These fixtures allow you to put on a show that will be sure to entrain and wow your guests.  You can have these fixtures moving, and changing colors to the sound of the beat, or create a beautiful design that can be projected anywhere you like.

  Event Décor
We work with certified professionals to create a multitalented team of creative visionaries, who come together to create the event of your dreams.  Our strategic partnership allows us to have the control we need to deliver a flawless event.

  Photo Booths
Interactive and Fun for Guests of All Ages!
A great way to entertain and create wonderful memories at the same time!

Insanely fast classic double strips printed
Design and produce ANY PRODUCT (limit the only limit is your imagination)
Your Guests can post their pictures on FACEBOOK in real time while still in the booth, guests can request limitless copies of their prints as well

LED Dance Floor
Lime Lights Entertainment is one of the only companies in Ohio that offers LED dance floor rentals.  Our LED dance floor can be as large as 1,000 square feet, making it suitable for over 700 guests.  Our dance floor is perfect for weddings, parties or even corporate events!

We offer the latest LED dance floor on the market! It’s able to display images, patterns,  animations, company logos and write messages.  Our dance floor is also able create a starlit effect, that looks like stars twinkling in the sky.  The floor brings an elegant and stylish feel to any event, and can be combined with a twinkling walkway! It can also be used as an aisle or runway for any event. This floor can be controlled by a laptop, sound control, or preinstalled programs.

Our LED dance floor is as safe as a regular dance.  It’s made up of 2ft x 2ft white high gloss water resistant acrylic tiles. Aluminum edging surrounds the dance floor, reducing trip hazards.  Our dance floor is one of the thinnest of its kind, allowing your guests to step on and off of the dance floor with ease.

With every rental we include a technician, who’s onsite during entire event.  Our LED dance floor is installed on the day of the event and removed at the end of the night, minimizing inconvenience for banquet halls.

  Dancing on the Clouds
If you want to have a magical first dance, dancing on clouds is the best way to do so.  Our “Dancing in the Clouds Effect” gives you the appearance that you are dancing on clouds.  We use the best low-lying fog machine, that doesn’t compare to the traditional fog machines that are banned from most banquet halls.  Our fog machine uses dry ice that stays low to the ground, and doesn’t leave a nasty residue, or set off fire alarms.  The Dancing in the Clouds Effect never fails to WOW guests, and create beautiful pictures to remember your first dance for a lifetime


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About Us
Founders of Lime Lights Entertainment
 In 2008, co-owner, Dina Ali, started her career as a Disc Jockey. From the start of her career,  Dina had a dream of growing her business and becoming a full-service entertainment company.  In 2011, Dina married her college sweetheart Mo Ali.  Mo encouraged Dina to follow her dream, and together they created Lime Lights Entertainment.
Lime Lights Entertainment is a fully insured entertainment company servicing Ohio and its surrounding states.  Dina and Mo have managed to set their entertainment company far above most in the Northeast Ohio area.  They were able to do this by carefully choosing highly trained professionals to join their team and offering new services in the Ohio area.
We work closely with our clients to plan, organize, and create a fun-filled atmosphere for you and your guests during your special occasion. During the entire process it’s all about you, the client, and your vision!